What is Golf Tourneys?


If you have ever organized a golf tournament you know registration is one of the most painful aspects of the process.

You Ask:

Should we have a website?

How do we accept credit cards?

Can we keep track of registrations for all of our organizers?

Golf Tourneys answers all of these questions.  There is no need for a website as we can host your tournament registration process and assign an easy web address for all of your marketing needs.  We accept all major credit cards as part of the registration process.  Golf Tourneys  will keep your participants in a handy spreadsheet for all members of your organizing committee to see and keep track of in the lead up to the tournament.

We will even help with hole sponsorship and additional donations towards your event.  In fact when someone agrees to sponsor a hole an email is sent to your sponsorship coordinator IMMEDIATELY with contact information to follow up with.

If you like we could even provide social media services the day of the tournament to show sponsor appreciation and enrich your participants experience.

When all is said and done we can provide you with a convenient mailing list to give you a head start on next year’s tournament.


There are enough fundraising and fun golf tournaments every summer for participants to chose from.  Golf Tourneys is designed to give your tournament that competitive advantage when making that choice.


We chose Golf Tourneys as our platform for taking our golf tournament to a new level of advertising, website management and guidance. Terry understands today’s web, by that is not the only thing that stands them apart. We would recommend Terry and Golf Tourneys to any golf tournament organizer.

Cougar Women’s Hockey Alumni